About Us

Our Role

PUPSG has several primary responsibilities:

  • Acting as a liaison between students and the faculty and administration;
  • Passing a PUPSG budget and holding regular PUPSG Committee Meetings;
  • Attending MPA Committee Meetings every semester to represent the student body and offer input on current issues (usually Chairs, Field Reps, Curriculum Reps and Joint Degree/Certificate Program Reps);
  • Participating in the annual curriculum development process;
  • Coordinating volunteer activities, both ongoing and occasional;
  • Planning social activities and coordinating intramural sports;
  • Co-Sponsoring events and activities through the Student Initiated Projects fund (SIP) that add value to the school and are of interest to the entire graduate student body;
  • Fostering events through partnering with one or more of the many organizations on campus.

Other Student-Led Initiatives