Budget and Project Funding

Reimbursement Rules and Regulations

  1. PUPSG members are responsible for staying within their respective budgets and must provide written permission (email is fine) for others to submit reimbursement out of their funds.
  2. Any planned expenditure of PUPSG funds should be entered in the pre-event financial planning form at least 48 hours before the event take places (link below).
  3. Concur reimbursements should be submitted within 72 hours of events taking place (see reimbursement guidance for more detail).
  4. Itemized receipts MUST be included with reimbursement requests.
  5. If an event is to be debited directly from the PUPSG account, please contact the Treasurer before purchasing items with the PUPSG account number.

Please fill out this form at least 48 hours before your event occurs.

Helpful links:

The Concur Reimbursement form is available here: https://pupsg.princeton.edu/sites/g/files/toruqf1951/files/resource-links/pupsg_concur_reimbursement_guidance.pdf



Link Updated 9/14/2020