Your Representatives



Leading the committee and apportioning the budget to various officeholders.

Suzi Ragheb
Conor Hussey


Sophie Graham

Chief Information Officer

Updating the PUPSG website and handling any digital needs. 

TJ Sell

Curriculum Representatives

Leading the field reps, working with administration on policy workshops, and developing and improving curriculum at the School.

Emily Audet
Karlin Gatton

Field Representatives

Representing fields of study on curriculum issues and working with administration on policy workshops.

Field I (International Relations)

Jack McCaslin

Field II (International Development)

Raisa Chowdhury

Field III (Domestic Policy)

Bridget Kelly

Field IV (Economics and Public Policy)

Philippa Haven
Jack Diao

Certificate Representatives

Representing certificate programs on curriculum issues and working with administration on policy workshops.

Health and Health Policy (HHP)

Christine Zizzi

Science, Technology and Environmental Policy (STEP)

Jia Jun Lee

Urban Policy (UP)

Nethaniah Josma

Career Services Representative


Master of Public Policy (MPP) Representative

Drew Curiel

PhD Representatives

Bing Lin

Social Chairs

Planning Policy Prom, SPIA Wine and Cheese, and other social events.

Jenna Overton

Community Service Chairs

Planning Service Auction and providing opportunities to serve. 

Kantheera Tipkanjanarat
Annie Yu

Graduate Mentorship Representative

Alex Swanson

Health and Wellness Chair

Looking after the wellness needs of fellow SPIAs.


International Student Representatives

Advocating for the needs of international students.

Nadine Lombardo-Han
Eunji Kim

Diversity Representatives

Jackie Baumgartner
Guillermo Herrera Nimmagadda
Andre Vasilyev

First Generation Representative

Nausheen Rajan

LGBTQ Representative

Rolando Cuevas

Sustainability Representative

Encouraging environmental friendliness at the School and in the School's programming.


Public Affairs Representative

Working with the School's Public Affairs team to recruit speakers from diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise.  

Juan Pablo Alvarez


Joint-Degree Representative


Religious Life Chair

Jordan Stoltzfus