Your Representatives



Leading the committee and apportioning the budget to various officeholders.

Tony Solís Cruz [email protected]
Brontë Forsgren [email protected]


Liam Maguire [email protected]

Chief Information Officer

Updating the PUPSG website and handling any digital needs. 

Evan Karl [email protected]

Curriculum Representatives

Leading the field reps, working with administration on policy workshops, and developing and improving curriculum at the School.

Anna Blue [email protected]
Robi Roberts [email protected]

Field Representatives

Representing fields of study on curriculum issues and working with administration on policy workshops.

Field I (International Relations)

Ria Hanson [email protected]
Marissa Bray [email protected]

Field II (International Development)

Vaani Chopra [email protected]
Lizabelt Avila [email protected]

Field III (Domestic Policy)

Jeremiah Chamberlin [email protected]

Field IV (Economics and Public Policy)

Tom Carter [email protected]
Denisse Chavarría [email protected]

Certificate Representatives

Representing certificate programs on curriculum issues and working with administration on policy workshops.

Health and Health Policy (HHP)

Gillian Tisdale [email protected]

Science, Technology and Environmental Policy (STEP)

Achinthya Sivalingam [email protected]

Urban Policy (UP)

Olivia Lucas [email protected]

Career Services Representative

Kristina Lorch [email protected]

Master of Public Policy (MPP) Representative


PhD Representatives

Jieyi Lu [email protected]

Social Chairs

Planning Policy Prom, SPIA Wine and Cheese, and other social events.

Kate Hannick [email protected]
Kelso Brasunas [email protected]

Community Service Chairs

Planning Service Auction and providing opportunities to serve. 

Affiong Ibok [email protected]

Graduate Mentorship Representative

Maya Woser [email protected]

Undergraduate Peer Mentorship Representative

Maya Woser [email protected]

Health and Wellness Chair

Looking after the wellness needs of fellow SPIAs.


International Student Representatives

Advocating for the needs of international students.

T Nang Seng Pan [email protected]
Nong Li [email protected]

Diversity Representatives

Sergio Rodriguez Camarena [email protected]
Sean Massa [email protected]
Cydney Gardner-Brown [email protected]
MPP & PhD DEI Rep (Vacant)  

First Generation Representative


LGBTQIA+ Inclusion Representative

Barghav Sivaguru [email protected]

Sustainability Representative

Encouraging environmental friendliness at the School and in the School's programming.

Brent Efron [email protected]

Public Affairs Representative

Working with the School's Public Affairs team to recruit speakers from diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise.  

Funke Aderonmu [email protected]

Joint-Degree Representative


Minister of Sports


Religious Life Chair

Omar Elhaj [email protected]

Accessibility Representative


Parent Representatives


Admissions Representatives

Yiping Li [email protected]